Since May 2011
Since May 2011

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Allsorts Menu

Panini ~ £4.30

served with a side salad.

Cheddar & Ham

Cheddar & Tomato                        Sandwiches ~ £2.50 

Cheddar & Chilli sauce                Freshly made with thick

Cheddar & Tuna melt                sliced Brown or White Bread

Brie, Bacon & Cranberry                   Egg Mayonaise

Brie & Onion Chutney                        Ham salad

                                         Cheddar & Pickle

Childrens lunch ~ £2.95                    Bacon & Egg

One slice sandwich - Choices           Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo

Ham, Cheese, Marmite & Jam            Curried Chicken & Salad

Apple, Carrot or Cucumber sticks       

Penguin or Chewy bar                       Wraps ~ £2.95

Carton of Apple or Orange Juice            Rolls ~ £2.50

We are located at:

Allsorts Tea and Gifts

Highgate farm 1D

Over road


CB24 5EU

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9:30am - 3pm 

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